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Peninsula Karate

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Peninsula Karate


At Peninsula Karate we teach a traditional form of Japanese karate which aims to develop skills, self-confidence, and understanding of cultures and customs. Apart from learning Kihon (Basics), Kata (Forms / Patterns) and Kumite (Non-Contact Sparring), students of Peninsula Karate are given the opportunity to take their training beyond the dojo with numerous competitions at local, state and national levels. We are the only Karate School on the Southern Peninsula that is an accredited member of the World Karate Federation. So if you’re after quality tuition from a nationally accredited coach, with a variety of classes to suit your needs, flexibility and all at competitive rates; Peninsula Karate is the dojo for you.

We Live To Help Train You


Peninsula Karate was established in 2007 and operated out of Eastbourne Primary School as an easily accessible and universal location. From the humble beginnings of twenty students, Peninsula Karate has continued to grow as years went on and in 2011, Sensei Andrew Grace took over as chief instructor.

From there and to accommodate the ever-growing numbers, Peninsula Karate moved its doors from Eastbourne Primary School to a factory in Thamer Street, in Rosebud’s industrial estate in December of 2011. After 5 years at this location, Peninsula Karate had outgrown this space and in 2016 moved into its current location in Merino Street, Rosebud.  The brand new purpose built facility is one of a kind in the area and is home to almost 200 students and 50 families. The new location also boasts a Personal Training Studio, Amanda Jade Fitness.

Little Dragons 4-5yrs

Some parents wonder when the best age to start karate is with many worrying that their children are ‘too young’, or that karate is ‘too physical’ for them. Research has shown, however, that there is a direct relationship with learning life skills at an early age and developing into successful individuals.

The Little Dragons class provides an exemplary learning environment for young children aged 4-5 years old to develop both their karate and life skills through a specialised and tailored karate program.

In these classes, children will not only learn karate techniques such as strikes, kicks and blocks and develop a rudimentary understanding of basic Japanese terminology / customs, they will also greatly improve their self-confidence, discipline, concentration, focus and interpersonal social skills.

Our highly trained and professional instructors provide fun and engaging lessons where your children can expel their energy in a positive way. The skills they learn will certainly stay with them for a life of mental and physical wellbeing.

Kids 6-8 yrs 

The early years of primary education are some of the most formative years of a child’s development, bringing forth both physical and mental change to the individual. While some children are wholeheartedly prepared and ready to embrace the changes, for others it can be an extremely daunting and anxiety-inducing thought to leave their comfort zones and enter a classroom where focus and discipline is necessary.

Our kids classes assist all children in developing a heightened focus and self-discipline through a growing understanding of karate cultures and customs, opportunities to showcase their hard work to their loved ones, and a strong curriculum specifically designed for this age group.

Juniors 9-12yrs

It is at the 9 to 12 year age group that youth really begin to develop confidence, expectations of what is and isn’t acceptable are set and use their voice for their own good and for the good of others.

Our Junior classes focus not only on the physical, but also on the social and emotional ethos and values that are heavily promoted and encouraged in our club.

In our classes, your child will:

  • Have increased discipline and attention as they move up to a more comprehensive curriculum
  • Learn age specific karate techniques including verbal de-escalation and avoidance strategies
  • Build upon their social awareness and avoid or learn to be wary of certain situations
  • Develop self-respect and respect for others
  • Identify, relate and embrace differences and become more tolerant
  • Be more confident, empowered and assertive as they head toward their teen years. We reinforce the great skills you teach at home and this, combined with strong role models whilst surrounding themselves with like-minded people will help youth raise their respect and the understand the importance of their rights.

For those with a competitive spirit, we also offer a Competition Squad Training Program, where students can hone their kumite (sparring) techniques in preparation for the plethora of opportunities they will have to showcase their talents at local tournaments and onto, state and national titles.

 Teens & Adults 13+yrs

Whether you’re a teenager bursting full of energy and adrenaline or have done martial arts before and want to give it another go, or even never exercised a day in your life; no matter your age, level or ability, we will work with you to help achieve your goals.

In our seniors class, everyone will:

  • Get access to specifically tailored classes so you get the most out of every lesson
  • Develop a thirst for exercise and build it into your daily routine for an active lifestyle
  • Learn realistic and practical self-defence skills to help keep yourself and others safe
  • Reap the benefits of attaining an increase in muscular strength and flexibility
  • Be held accountable to ensure you reach your goals
  • Receive guidance, motivation and advice throughout your martial arts journey

Peninsula Karate is a place for the whole family and you are free to choose classes where you can all train at the same time regardless of age or rank. We also have a women’s only karate class straight after school drop off to kick Tuesdays off!

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What Our Families are Saying

My family have been training with Sensei Andrew for many years now and the club continues to grow and shift under his leadership. There is a very full and flexible timetable which means that I have been able to continue coming even as my work and family commitments have changed over the years. Andrew is very patient and fair, he creates many opportunities for the range of students that attend, there are local competitions, squad training and I am enjoying the new women’s only classes that have been added to the morning timetable. Peninsula Karate has always been an extension of home for my family. Thank you!”
– Michelle Streets

“A massive thank you for everything. Sensei Andrew, I couldn’t have achieved all I have this year without you.”
– Amanda Thomas




“Andrew is an amazing sensei. My son lost his passion for karate after 5 years and wanted to stop. Within weeks, he was back to loving it and looking forward to every class! He started in juniors and has now gone to the senior class. I can’t recommend Peninsula karate enough!”
– Kiley Mclaren